30 june 2021 | webinar

Wat is the NVTAG prize?
Every year the Dutch Association for Health Technology Assessment (NVTAG)
awards the NVTAG prize to a promising young researcher. The awardee has
published a manuscript in the previous calendar year which contributes to the
development of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) research methods in an
original manner.

Besides eternal fame and recognition the winner will receive €1,000,-

Conditions for submission
– One manuscript submission per contestant
– The manuscript contributes to the development of Health Technology
Assessment (HTA) research methods in an original manner and is published in
the year 2019 or 2020.
– The contestant is first author of the manuscript.
– The contestant is member of young-NVTAG (<36 years old) or less than 5
years active in the HTA
– The contestant will be able to attend the NVTAG prize award ceremony (June
30th, 2021) and is willing to pitch his/her work in Utrecht.
An independent jury will shortlist 3 nominees from the submissions. The
assessment is based on:
– Relevance of work to HTA developments
– Quality and accuracy of methods and research question
– Article set up: writing, figures, tables etc.
The top 3 nominees are invited to pitch their research at the NVTAG prize
award ceremony (June 30th, 2021 in Utrecht).
During the online award ceremony, the jury score is combined with a public
vote determining the 2020 winner. In case of a draw, the jury vote is decisive.

How to submit?
Did you publish an HTA methodology paper in 2019 or 2020 which is
prizeworthy? Don’t hesitate and send your work including a short motivation
describing why your research the NVTAG prize 2019/2020 to
Final submission deadline is June 7th, 2021.

LolaHESG 2021- Save the date!

De 13e editie van LolaHESG staat gepland voor donderdag 27 en vrijdag 28 mei. Het is nog niet duidelijk in welke vorm, online of fysiek, maar hoe dan ook, de 13e editie van lolaHESG belooft weer een leuk en interessant evenement te worden!
Houd vanaf 1 januari de VGE website in de gaten voor de actuele informatie!

Belangrijke data
20 februari: inschrijving en indiening van abstracts geopend
15 maart: deadline voor indienen van abstract
31 maart: email over acceptatie van abstracts
1 mei: deadline voor het indienen van paper (alleen voor geaccepteerde abstracts)

Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) | Niek Mouter

2 December 2020 | webinar
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VGE/NVTAG Symposium “De vele dimensies van gezondheid”

Over verder kijken dan je uitkomstmaat lang is.

10 september 2020 | online symposium
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