Multi-use disease models: friends or foes?

31 march 2021 | webinar

On March 31, from 9.30 to 11.00, the Young-NVTAG, NVTAG and VGE will organize a webinar titled ‘Multi-use disease models: friends or foes? The (dis)advantages of multi-use disease models for informing health policy decisions’. In this interactive webinar experts present and discuss choices and challenges related to the development, use, and organizational embedding of multi-use disease models for informing health policy decisions.


09.30 09.35

Welcome and opening

– Luc Hagenaars (Ministerie van VWS)

09.35 09.50

Why develop multi-use disease models?

Introduction of the potential relevance and benefits of multi-use disease models for informing coverage decisions

– Dr. Saskia Knies (Zorginstituut Nederland)

09.50 10.15

Choices and challenges in developing multi-use disease models

Presentation of the methodological choices required during the development of multi-use disease models based on four case studies (NICER initiative).

– Dr. Hedwig Blommestein (ESHPM, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)

– Dr. Simone Huygens (institute for Medical Technology Assessment, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)

10.15 10.40

Organizational considerations in the context of multi-use disease models

Presentation of different organizational options for multi-use disease models, related to ownership, maintenance, and responsibilities (RIVM letter report on these issues)

– Prof. Talitha Feenstra (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, RIVM)

10.40 11.00 Interactive open discussion started with thought-provoking statements

The webinar will be in English and is free to join.
You can find the registration form here or

LolaHESG 2021- Save the date!

De 13e editie van LolaHESG staat gepland voor donderdag 27 en vrijdag 28 mei. Het is nog niet duidelijk in welke vorm, online of fysiek, maar hoe dan ook, de 13e editie van lolaHESG belooft weer een leuk en interessant evenement te worden!
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